Avielle Janelle Hernandez - Al You Need to know

Avielle Janelle Hernandez – Al You Need to know

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Avielle janelle hernandez is unique. She’s a teenager with an old soul and a big heart. Avielle was born with Down syndrome, and she has inspired everyone around her with the way she continuously overcomes obstacles in her life. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to capture Avielle’s 15th birthday party and get to know her better as she opened up about everything from love to bullying.

Avielle is a special young woman who appreciates simplicity. She believes in karma and that good things come to those who are kind to others. When asked what makes her happy, Avielle responded: “When I see my friends or family happy or when I give a compliment or do something nice for someone else.”

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Celebrating Avielle’s 15th Birthday

The best way to celebrate Avielle’s birthday was by spending the day surrounded by her loved ones. Avielle has an incredible support system, and it was clear how much she appreciates this.

She loves spending time with her family and friends, and she cherishes every moment as if it were her last. Avielle has been through so much, and it’s incredible to see her continue to spread love and kindness to everyone around her. Her 15th birthday celebration was everything she deserves and more.

Bullying is a Problem for Many Teens

Avielle’s been through a lot in her young life and she’s had to face some pretty tough situations. Avielle was bullied as a child and has been teased throughout her entire life. In fact, she has even had people ask her why she’s even on this planet. She’s heard it all, but she’s managed to stay positive through it all.

While Avielle’s come out stronger on the other side, there are many teens who haven’t been as lucky. There are many resources available to teens and families who are dealing with bullying. It is important to find a support system and someone to talk to when dealing with these issues. There are also many books and resources available that can help teens better understand what they are going through.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez - Al You Need to know

A message from Avielle

The best advice that Avielle has is to be yourself. She doesn’t try to be anyone else and wants everyone to embrace who they are. Avielle loves being around people who are kind and have open hearts. She also believes that everyone should have a superpower. Her superpower is love and kindness.

Resources for Teens and their Families

As mentioned above, there are many resources available to teens and their families. There are also many books and other resources available that can help teens better understand and cope with the challenges they are facing.

Some examples of these resources include: –

  • Books: This is How You Heal, The Great Big Book of Teenage Emotions, and The Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens.
  • Organizations and Support Groups: There are many organizations that offer support and resources to teens who are struggling with mental health and/or bullying issues.

Some examples of these include: The National Alliance on Mental Illness, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the It Gets Better Project.

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Final Thoughts

Avielle is an incredible young woman whose heart is full of love and kindness. We hope that this article helps shed light on the important issue of bullying, and we hope that you are able to learn something from Avielle’s story. We also hope that this inspires you to be yourself and love every moment of life.

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