What Is First Trust, And Who is Scott Stoczynski?

What Is First Trust, And Who is Scott Stoczynski?

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Leading worldwide asset management company First Trust provides a variety of financial products and services. First Trust seeks to offer investors specialized solutions to assist them in achieving their financial objectives by putting a strong emphasis on innovation and research-driven methods.

We shall examine First Trust’s salient features and how it stands out in the cutthroat investment sector.

What Is First Trust

As a reputable asset management firm, First Trust has built a solid reputation. The firm has established a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer success over several decades. Investors can have faith that First Trust can successfully negotiate difficult financial markets.

Scott Stoczynski

Scott Stoczynski is Vice President at First Trust, a privately-held company providing a variety of investment services and my team represents Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in San Antonio, TX.

If you are a Financial Advisor in the greater San Antonio area and we aren’t working together yet, I’d love to connect, work and grow together. Please email me at [email protected] when you’re ready.

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The variety of investment products available

To meet the various needs and interests of clients, First Trust provides a wide variety of investment solutions. First Trust offers solutions that are suited to your needs, whether you are an institutional investor, financial advisor, or individual investor.

Investment funds

The mutual funds available from First Trust include a variety of asset classes, investment philosophies, and geographical areas. These funds give investors the choice of pursuing wide diversification or gaining exposure to particular market niches.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

With a broad selection of ETFs built to deliver focused investment strategies, First Trust is at the forefront of ETF innovation. ETFs are an appealing alternative for investors looking to gain exposure to particular industries, topics, or investment strategies because they combine the advantages of diversity, flexibility, and liquidity.

Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

The UITs offered by First Trust give investors access to a fixed portfolio of securities that are held for a predetermined amount of time. Investors can evaluate the underlying securities and make knowledgeable investment decisions thanks to these trusts’ openness and well-defined investment strategy.

Separately managed accounts

Additionally, First Trust provides independently managed accounts, which offer personalized investment portfolios managed by a group of qualified experts. These accounts offer individualized solutions and are designed to fit particular investing aims and preferences.

Research-Driven Approach

The foundation of First Trust’s success is its research-driven investment strategy. To find investment possibilities, the team of seasoned investment specialists at the business performs in-depth analysis and makes use of cutting-edge quantitative models.

Their investing methods are informed by this thorough research process, which enables them to adjust to changing market situations and potentially produce good results for customers.

Commitment to innovation

For its dedication to innovation and provision of cutting-edge investing solutions, First Trust stands out. To address the evolving needs of investors, the company is always investigating new investing concepts and tactics. To give investors a competitive edge in the industry, This embraces technology and makes use of data-driven insights.

Focus on risk management

First Trust emphasizes risk management heavily in its investing methods since it understands how important it is. The company uses a thorough methodology for risk management that combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to find possible risks and reduce them.

First Trust aims to protect capital and provide dependable risk-adjusted returns by continually monitoring and adjusting portfolios.

Positive and negative things


  1. Reputation and Trust: Over the years, First Trust has solidified its position as a reliable asset management company. Investors can use their knowledge and skill to successfully navigate the financial markets.

  2. Diverse Range of Investment Products: First Trust offers a wide array of investment products, including mutual funds, ETFs, UITs, and separately managed accounts. This provides investors with ample choices to diversify their portfolios and align them with their investment preferences.

  3. Innovation and a Research-Driven Approach: First Trust is known for its innovative approach to investment strategies. Their research-driven approach, which includes advanced quantitative models and data-driven insights, enables them to identify investment opportunities and adapt to changing market conditions.

  4. Risk Management: First Trust places a strong emphasis on risk management. They employ a comprehensive risk management framework to identify and mitigate potential risks, aiming to preserve capital and deliver consistent risk-adjusted returns.


  1. Limited Availability: Depending on an individual’s geographical location, access to First Trust’s investment products and services may be limited. This can prevent potential investors from taking advantage of their offerings.

  2. Market Volatility: Like any investment firm, First Trust is susceptible to market volatility. Economic downturns or unexpected events can impact the performance of their investment products, potentially leading to losses for investors.

  3. Fees and Expenses: First Trust, like other asset management firms, charges fees for managing investment products. While fees are necessary for the services provided, they can reduce overall investment returns, especially for investors with smaller portfolios.

  4. Performance Risk: The performance of First Trust’s investment products is subject to market fluctuations and the skill of their investment managers. There is always a risk that the performance may not meet investors’ expectations, and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


First Trust has established itself as a prominent player in the asset management industry by offering innovative investment solutions, conducting thorough research, and prioritizing risk management.

With a diverse range of investment products and a commitment to client success, First Trust provides investors with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of finance and work towards their financial goals.

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